Become a more impactful
creative writer

With the Labyrinths online creative writing course

Desk with Book

Why this course?

We live in a story-rich age. That's exciting. But it can also make it hard for us as writers to tell OUR unique stories.

What will it help you do?

Pause, tap into your intuition, and write your stories with more insight and confidence. 

Who is it for?

Those interested in writing short stories, creative essays, personal pieces, or flash fiction. Anything with a narrative element.  

Course highlights

  • A fun, intense journey mixing intuition and craft

  • Uses the 'Unfolding' method that I have made to help writers think better 

  • 15 hours of classroom time 

  • Concepts and exercises

  • Analysis of famous stories 

  • Weekly assignment with feedback 

  • Be part of an online community later 

How to apply?

Send your application to: 

Any piece of creative writing. 

7 writers are taken in a batch. 

Learning outcomes​

  • Tapping into intuition

  • Writing strong descriptions

  • Creating distinct characters

  • Telling the story well 

  • Using language creatively

  • Strengthening narrative voice

Course details & cost​

  • 5 Saturdays, 10 AM to 1 PM IST via Zoom

  • ₹8000 per head

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Testimonials from previous participants

"Having gone through various processes to enhance my writing abilities, I must say I was pleasantly taken aback by what Philip had to offer. An intuitive, gradual and memorable experience. Backed by important literary references and readings. What I liked most was the balance between skill and sensibility. Philip’s amiable, non-threatening style has a way of enhancing the dissection of the material. Recommended to anyone with a love of writing - whether they are starting off on the journey or well on their way."