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Desk with Book

Why this course?

We live in an age rich with stories. That gives us never-before perspective and pleasure. But, with so many stories around us, it may sometimes get hard for us as writers to find and write OUR unique stories.

What will it help you do?

This course helps you pause, tap into your intuition, and write your stories with more emotional authenticity. That means more freshness, honesty, complexity, and coherence.

Who is it for?

  • Those interested in writing short stories, creative essays, autobiographical pieces or flash fiction.

  • If you’re interested in making your writing more authentic and narratively satisfying, then the course will help you.

What's the methodology?

The course is anchored in the “Unfolding Method”, a 5-step method I have developed based on years of writing and reading. It uses a process of intuition and discovery to write more emotionally authentic stories.

The course features an intense but fun learning style: 

  • A mix of intuition and craft

  • Theory linked to exercises and discussions

  • Analysis of famous stories

  • Weekly assignments with detailed feedback

  • Peer reviews for better perspective

  • Email discussions between classes

How to apply?

Send your application to: and we’ll review it and get back to you. Any piece of creative writing, 1-2 pages in Word.

7 writers will be taken in one batch.

Learning outcomes​

  • Tapping into intuition

  • Writing better descriptions

  • Creating more complex characters

  • Telling the story in a more engaging way

  • Paying attention to themes

  • Using language more creatively

  • Strengthening narrative voice

Course details & cost​

  • 5 online sessions of 3 hours duration across 5 Saturday mornings (10 AM to 1 PM)

  • That’s 15 hours of class time plus detailed, written reviews of your assignments and email discussions in between classes

  • ₹8000 per head, which can be paid after selection is complete.

Frequently asked questions

I am not good with fiction. Can I still join?

If you’re interested in learning the principles of good creative writing, you can join. You may want to use these narrative skills in writing autobiographical pieces or creative essays or travelogues or even flash fiction.

What level do I need to be at?

It is an intermediate-level course. If you’ve already done some writing, it would help. Rest assured you don’t have to be an expert. What’s more important is you know some basics and want to get better!

Are there any selection criteria?

Yes, we would need to assess what level you are in. If we think you’re ready for the course, you’ll get in. If we think you need more practice, we will let you know and you can apply again in a few months when you strengthen your craft a little!

What happens after the course?

You’ll become part of a closed WhatsApp group with the graduates of this course. It gives you a platform to have interesting conversations with like-minded writers, share your work, and feel inspired.

Testimonials from previous participants

"Having gone through various processes to enhance my writing abilities, I must say I was pleasantly taken aback by what Philip had to offer. An intuitive, gradual and memorable experience. Backed by important literary references and readings. What I liked most was the balance between skill and sensibility. Philip’s amiable, non-threatening style has a way of enhancing the dissection of the material. Recommended to anyone with a love of writing - whether they are starting off on the journey or well on their way."


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