Storytelling skills for business communication

With the Labyrinths online course

Hello there!

Business communication can be tricky, isn't it?

Do you sometimes feel that your... 

  • Article/post can convey your point more strongly? 

  • Presentation/pitch has all the data but is not compelling? 

  • Business information sounds technical and lacks interest value? 

  • Creative posts are informative but not exciting? 

  • Email communication can be better? 

If yes, then this course can help you become a more confident and impactful communicator, with the power of storytelling! 

What will this course give you?

Drawing from fiction, cinema and poetry, we learn new ways to think about and create business communication. And convey ideas with more impact. We learn through practical business situations!

  • What can we learn about writing an article from the movie The Imitation Game?

  • What can a short story by Raymond Carver tell us about writing a pitch?

  • What can Jane Austen and Martin Scorsese teach us about enlivening a campaign?

  • Can we steal from Nora Ephron or Rilke when we write sensitive mails?


Apply storytelling tips in the following areas:

  • Writing a post or article

  • Structuring a pitch or presentation | Creating a report

  • Enlivening a social media campaign

  • Email, team communication, feedback, difficult conversation

Course highlights

  • 4 Saturdays; 4 pm to 6:30 pm via Zoom 

  • 10 hours of online teaching

  • Mix of concepts and exercises

  • A related project of your choice after the course, with one-on-one guidance 

  • Original content created by Philip John, experienced advertising professional and short story writer

  • Cost: 7000 INR

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