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Storytelling Skills for Business Communication

With the Labyrinths online course

Hello there! Business communication can be tricky, right?

Do you sometimes feel that your... 

  • Article/blog can convey your point more strongly? 

  • Presentation/pitch has all the data but is not compelling? 

  • Social media posts are informative but not exciting?

  • Brand/product/service may be telling the wrong story?  

​If yes, then this course can help you be a more confident and impactful communicator, with the power of storytelling! 

What will this course give you?

Drawing from literature, cinema and art, we learn ways to add insight, emotion and impact to business communication. We learn through practical business situations!

What can we learn about:

  • Storytelling basics from movie trailers?

  • Persuasion from The Imitation Game?

  • Audience engagement from Steven Spielberg and Jane Austen?

  • Making a pitch from a Murakami story?

  • Strategic narratives from Lord of the Rings?

Testimonials from participants

"When I got promoted, I was told my innovative and impactful communication style has made the leadership take me seriously. Quite a lot has to do with this workshop. It gave me techniques and confidence."


Interested? Write to me at

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